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Create and integrate no-code Ai workflows that impact your business in minutes, not weeks.

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1100 Hrs

Saved per project

700 Hrs

Saved weekly


Saved monthly


Saved on FTE


Ai enabled

Watch us build a real Ai workflow in under 5 minutes

It takes longer to bake a potato in the microwave. See how we leverage several different Ai models in a single platform without code, extra logins, and all with a universal Ai token to execute all your prompts. Delicious. 

Save countless costs on the mundane.

Create a SWOT analysis of your competitors, create an image for that SWOT analysis, and have it narrated back to you in your own voice so you can hear how your presentation will sound. 

Jon Evans

Impact Networking

Anytime we find a manual process, we know it’s a black hole for time or cost. By creating a FluxBot, we’re able to save around $55 per employee interaction because our HR staff isn't having to do manual policy research for repetitive phone and email conversations. Now, we can focus on scaling the company, regardless of headcount, without having to worry about how many HR professionals we’ll need to support simple, everyday needs.

Kimball Parker


Enhanced Ai gives us the confidence we need to implement Ai features quickly and effectively across our business. The FluxPrompt tool lets us leverage all the Ai models we want to use, in 1 single place. No more multiple logins. No more keeping track of token usage. Just straight up cost and time savings everywhere. This is a total game changer for Ai users everywhere.

Save countless time on the unnecessary

Use census data to understand TAM, place that info into a workflow you’ve created before, and export those results to a CRM of your choice. 

Jon Bennion

All In Advertising

I have a small team and we all wear multiple hats. With FluxPrompt, we can turn any of our specialists into master marketers who tackle a variety of projects from start to finish. In a single flow, we can write, edit, code, publish, and report - from start to finish - saving us around 15 hours per client, per week. With all of these cumbersome tasks out of the way, we can focus more on niche projects that make our boutique agency special.

Lisa Tecklenburg

Kimberly Clark

We can save hundreds of hours per competitive analysis and brand research project. Leveraging multiple Ais, all at the same time, helps to pull together a more robust analysis. It’s so comprehensive, weeds out any bias, and looks for common denominators. It’s like having the best brainstorming partner right there with you. We can now iterate faster and get more ideas pushed through to production.

Ryan Allenbach


We realized we can plug FluxPrompt into every process of our business. We can have Ai support everyone’s experience and expertise, giving everyone this superpower to plug in any gaps they had, and now there’s nothing they can’t do. Because of FluxPrompt, our software is now 100% Ai enabled. The platform took every Ai model we use and combined them all into 1 platform, allowing us to use all those Ai functionalities in whatever way we need.

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